Your Brand As A Multiplier For Your Product Marketing

There was a time when marketing didn't really focus on competitors and strategy didn't focus much on customers.

Yet, as customers have gained access to more and more choice, marketing has been forced to focus more on how to differentiate its products from the competition and strategy has had to understand customer behaviour more to be able to beat the competition.

Terms like strategy, branding and strategic marketing are often used interchangeably. It's important to delve deeper and understand the differences between them, so as to have the proper framework for building and executing an effective marketing plan.

In this episode, we'll discuss what we've learned from Marina Hop, Founder of Viveo.

You'll discover:

- Why a brand is NOT your logo, your graphic design, or your corporate identity
- The importance of invoking emotion in branding (and why we struggle with this in life science)
- What you can learn from two life science companies who dared to be different
- How the strength of your brand affects lead to sale conversion ratios – or, why you should play the long game
Your Brand As A Multiplier For Your Product Marketing